Philosophy of good news – O ora cu Ioan Carmazan in Republica Cipru, Nicosia

Philosophy of good news

Be aware of self

An hour with Ioan Carmazan

 Articol preluat in integralitate

The title is actually not accurate!

Maybe it was all together an hour, however the atmosphere, passion, common sense combined with vast experience, tremendous energy ready to create masterpieces in all segments of life, open eyes ready to learn every moment,amazing talent of passing vast knowledge in a way which makes you to learn how to learn,to think, rather just dull repeating of facts, can not be defined with the time frame. It is just not measurable neither with time nor with anything else exept volcano of feelings.This is the reason for this article to be written.

And it is here !

Meeting Ion Carmazan in Nicosia Cyprus was an unexpected event.

I was invited to attend Romanian movies weekend and having visited Iasi recently where I met beautiful people and having absolutely amazing experiences ,I have decided to go and see two movies I did not know about.

There at the entrance , accompanied with ,know so usual smiles, were Romanians greeting us and in the small garden I noticed the lady and the gentleman ,as their manifestation, energy, their charming eyes  exceeded  the usual feeling somebody has when meeting new people. And we started to talk.  This is how I have met for the first time Mrs. Slavica and Mr. Ion Carmazan.

After having the opportunity to see both films , one of them being Mr. Carmazan “child” “The house from the dream” I had a privilege to spent some more time with him and his life companion ,his dear wife Mrs. Slavica Carmazan.

The talk we had ,together with great people who organised the venue Mrs. Simona and Mr. Sorin, was so productive, passionate exchanging of ideas and events ,educational , practical  and emotional. Talk about life purpose , accompanied with lovely stories, each with deep meaning like the stories should be.

Than I have decided to write just a few words about it. To have it published here at philosophyofgoodnews as it is definitely good , it is news and it has the layer of philosophy.

As I said in previous articles we all should write about who or what makes us feel nice , motivates us to be and to act as better persons , awakes us without fear of being judged and does not act as “label driven” specialist who are telling the rest of us “what to do”, “what to eat”, “how to speak” , “how to think” …( Quotes from Nassim Nicholas Taleb article ).

Ioan Carmazan work is of immense importance . Not only as Director , Screenwriter , Writer but as multi talented personality who,  by having charisma not only to develop but to pass his vast experiences and knowledge, and to listen and ready to learn every moment, is opening new gate of life ,enabling us , encouraging to investigate further thus enriching our soul!

If you want to define time when Ioan Carmazan was producing his work ,a lot of the “specialist” were , are and will be using ,unfortunately, era of this and era of that cliché. And , my opinion, all those that are using it are entrapping themselves from the beginning of their thoughts, making one sided conclusions  for daily use only.


“Casa di vis”

The human being , the Director is actually making us realize and feel the real meaning of the words which are on purpose inflated and used contrary of their pure meaning. He is not asking the questions , he is making us to ask it our selves . He make us ready to investigate further.

No time frame to use ! it is infinity in making!

His works have existentialism and patriotism of Sartre combined with deep knowledge of human behaviour and analytical psychology like Jung .

Free your mind ! Awake and  use common sense . Feel ! Learn to concentrate . Investigate your soul , your experiences , your shadows.

Love! In what ever form and shape ! But Love! With all your lungs chew the love! Love awakes!

Follow tradition yet be your self !

Respect even when madly nervous ! Have that stopper somewhere ready to act ! Breath !

Be aware of self ! Be Authentic !

There is a place on this earth for all!

Be just genuine human being !

This above is all in one , being the work of  Ioan Carmazan.

The development which is continuing !


It is not by mistake ,but rather by admiration and great love and respect for his work ,that Cineast Magazine has called him Bulgakov of Romania .




July 2017



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